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My Story

About Me
My Health and Fitness Story begins in 2000 when I was 20 years old. I had put on about 100 pounds over the course of a year after a breakup and a severe bout with depression. Something happened that even neurologists at Stanford couldn't explain.  I had a back spasm and then lights out for me. I lost all sensation from the neck down. There was no car accident nor any obvious trauma or damage to my spine.  I will never forget my 21st birthday because I was stuck on a couch and only able to trigger certain muscles and unable to feel a thing. One of my best friends moved in with me to help me out and my mom took me to every specialist she could think of.

My First Gym
At first I needed help moving around. Then I learned to walk a bit better. It was embarrassing though because I looked like one of those old McDonald's wind up toys when I walked. My Neurologist recommended that I do physical therapy. I went, but I noticed that everyone else was elderly and the exercises they made me do weren't challenging enough. I decided that I was going to go join a gym and get a personal trainer.

I ended up at a 24 Hour Fitness and spent a ridiculous amount of money on a membership. I mean, I shelled out like $3500 bucks which only covered a few sessions. I felt better about it after I started working with my personal trainer. I don’t remember which exercises we did, but we did a bunch of strength training to try to reverse some of the atrophy to my muscles. Most importantly, it was time to re-learn how to run. He took me in one of the aerobics rooms and laughed as he watched me run. I'm sure he didn’t mean anything by it, but he did say something was terribly wrong and I was screwed up. 6 months of working out 4 days a week I got into decent shape and the feeling came back to my hands and feet. He ended up winning an award for his work with me. As far as I was concerned, he earned it. Shortly afterward, the gym offered me a job.

Things didn’t work ou,t  so I went on to pursue other careers. Then, A couple of years ago I put on weight again. On my birthday, after many unwanted photographs, It was time to go back to the gym. Not because I was fat, but because I didn’t look on the outside the way I felt on the inside. On top of that, my cholesterol was on the rise.  I needed to make serious changes.

Turning It All Around
 I took it as a sign when most of the people I was crossing paths with were all personal trainers. Not much more than a nudge from a few of my friends made me decide to  turn my life around. I gave myself 1 year to get into amazing shape. Later, when I was reading about Taylor Lautner and his workout regime, I read that they gave him one year to pack on some muscle. My goal was to drop from 217 to 170 and then put on 21 pounds of muscle, all in the same time. My goals were ambitious, but I really wanted to know how they get it done in Hollywood. As the months went by I developed a healthy “addiction” to the active lifestyle. I became so healthy, that I even quit drinking and quit smoking cigarettes. If a year ago someone told me I would be where I am today, I would have told them that there were better chances that genetic testing would prove that Charlie Sheen is my brother. When reality set in, it was clear, that I was on my way to becoming a health and fitness role model to all my friends and family. My results were fantastic thanks to a great personal trainer who truly lives the lifestyle and my diligent consistent efforts. I forgot who my old self was and really liked who I became.

I wasn’t the only person who noticed the change. One of my Doctors was so amazed with my results, she asked if I was interested in helping her clients get in shape and turn their life around.  That’s when I decided to develop and publish this site. Everywhere I go, people who saw the transformation started asking me for advice and tips. So this is the most digested resource for health and fitness information for the beginner out there. And its free to all of you. To learn more about my vision and my health and fitness solutions checkout the About This Site section and see what you can do to help. Make a change within yourself and your community. Every member of society is a representative of our great nation. Why not raise the bar? As others strive to be Unique, I strive to be Ideal and you can too.

As of 2011
Everyone I knew was impressed with the 60 pounds I lost in the first 9 months. I was constantly being bombarded with questions about tips and methods that I decided to put all my knowledge and experience here on the web for free. In the mean time, I continue to exercise regularly and eat right while I pursue entrepreneurial goals that can restart our economic engine. I successfully launched Healthy Moments, a 5 minute health new digest hosted by yours truly that publishes every Thursday on the YouTube platform.

2012 and Beyond
Keep an eye out for new information that my associates discuss in upcoming blogs. I am going legit! I am currently working on my first of many health care credentials. I am on target May 2012 for my NASM PT Certification and currently looking for a personal training position in the greater Phoenix area. By night, i will continue writing blogs and developing 2 new live spoken presentations. The first is called "The Balance of Power: Insight into the Human Psyche and Free Will." The other presentation will be called "The Art of Motion" that's all you get until the next update ! ;)